• Rio

    Directed by Zhenia Kazankina
    Russia/Finland | 22 minutes |

Paulina lives and works in a small hotel in the northern town near the border. She and her friend Nadia dream of a different, paradise and exotic world. One day a stranger arrives at the hotel. Torn between a man and a friend, Paulina is trying to understand who she really is and what she wants most in her life.

In competition for Best Student International Short

film synopsis

film details

Director: Zhenia Kazankina
Producers: Dasha Dikarkina
Screenwriter: Zhenia Kazankina
Cinematographers: Luda Kuropiatnikova
Editor: Zhenia Kazankina
Music: Monika Mia
Cast: Liza Yankovskaya, Dasha Mureeva, Stephen Ochsner
Original Language Title: Рио
Country: Russia/Finland
Language: In Russian with English subtitles.
Year: 2019
Running Time: 22 minutes
Contact Email: zhenia.kazankina@gmail.com

director biography

Zhenia Kazankina (Moscow, 1996) is a writer/director whose work revolves around issues of self-perception, coming-of-age, absurdity and dream. She is a Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (VGIK) graduate (2019). Her short exercise-films have played at several festivals, one of them was also broadcasted on non-commercial TV-channel KCET in Los Angeles, USA. Currently, she works as a writer/director/editor on commercials and music videos.

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