• I Lost My Mother’s Ashes

    Directed by Caitlin Gerard
    USA | 13 minutes |

The day before her mother's memorial, Caroline realizes she has lost her mother's ashes. With no time left and fear of causing her sister Josephine further grief, Caroline must decide what to do.

In competition for Best U.S. Short

film synopsis

film details

Director: Caitlin Gerard
Producers: Caitlin Gerard, Michael Hammond
Screenwriter: Caitlin Gerard, Briana Pozner
Cinematographers: Lynn Moncrief
Editor: Robin Gonsalves
Music: Griffin Goldsmith, Lee Pardini, William Tyler
Cast: Mandy Moore, Justine Lupe, W. Earl Brown
Country: USA
Language: English
Year: 2019
Running Time: 13 minutes
Awards: Best Comedy Short, Best Director, Best Score, London Independent Film Awards
Contact Email: caitlinbgerard@gmail.com

director biography

Caitlin Gerard is born and raised in Los Angeles, Ca. USA. With a career in acting, Gerard has always had an admiration for all aspects of film making. Paying acute attention to the filmmakers she has worked with, Gerard hopes to take what she has learned and apply it to her own body of work as a director.

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