• Citric Acid

    Directed by Elenie Chung
    USA/Trinidad and Tobago/China | 19 minutes |

Aino and Yu Xing are two best friends and working fine artists. Competition is as natural as intimacy between the two, but their relationship may be heading toward a breaking point.

In competition for the Best of the Festival Award

film synopsis

film details

Director: Elenie Chung
Producers: Summer Xinlei Yang
Screenwriter: Elenie Chung
Cinematographers: Vittoria Campaner
Editor: Leonardo Campaner
Music: Alex Symcox
Cast: Aria Song, Wei Ren
Country: USA/Trinidad and Tobago/China
Language: In English and Mandarin with English subtitles.
Year: 2020
Running Time: 19 minutes
Website: https://eleniechung.net/

director biography

Elenie is a writer/director born in Trinidad and Tobago to ethnically Chinese parents, where she lived for her entire childhood and adolescence. She is interested in stretching the border of what defines narrative cinema. Her films bring the everyday into sublimity and the unfamiliar to the everyday. Her first two films, Goldfish and Monk by the Sea were screened at her hometown's Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival. She is currently based in Los Angeles.

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