• More Than Meets the Eye

    87 minutes |

Sometimes the most shocking things are hiding in plain sight. Nowhere more so than in this collection of films that reward paying close attention.

Short Films

Brain Jail

A chance encounter with a mysterious stranger forces a young woman to question her reality.


What are one jogger, one hobo and two pigs doing in a forest? Try not to blink as this one-shot wonder's mystery is revealed.


As the police arrive to investigate the sudden death of a boy in his classroom, a teacher must reckon with his reputation in the eyes of his students and colleagues.

Jaeborn by Numbers

A triptych consisting of three paint-by-number tableaux is auctioned for $14 million at Christie’s. Signed by top-selling artist Matt Jaeborn as a child, the art market is apparently blind to the obvious.

Seeds of Deceit

In a shocking breach of trust and ethics, famed Dutch fertility doctor Jan Karbaat inseminated dozens of unsuspecting patients with his own sperm. Seeds of Deceit considers the resulting anger, sadness and curiosity through the testimony of two mothers and their children.

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Running Time: 87 minutes

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