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    Seeds of Deceit

    Directed by Miriam Guttmann
    Netherlands | 21 minutes | California Premiere |

In a shocking breach of trust and ethics, famed Dutch fertility doctor Jan Karbaat inseminated dozens of unsuspecting patients with his own sperm. Seeds of Deceit considers the resulting anger, sadness and curiosity through the testimony of two mothers and their children.

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Director: Miriam Guttmann
Producers: Thomas Mataheru
Screenwriter: Jessie Tiemeijer
Cinematographers: Sjors Mosman
Editor: Lianne Kotte
Music: Moritz Gabe
Original Language Title: Het Zaad van Karbaat
Country: Netherlands
Language: in Dutch with English subtitles
Year: 2018
Running Time: 21 minutes
Premiere Status: California Premiere
Primary Company: Cut-Up
Website: https://hetzaadvankarbaat.com/

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