• Closing Night: Au Revoir!


All-Access, Industry, Insider & Chairman's passes accepted for entry.  All others must present a ticket.

Enjoy the closing night films featuring a selection of award winners and audience favorites, then see your film mates off as everyone sets sail back home. Bring your best cruise wears as DJ Val Fleury spins records for this special night time poolside party at the Hilton Hotel.

Short Films

Summer Hit

Laia from Spain and Emil from Iceland are enjoying their semester abroad in Munich. While Laia feels perfectly fine just having sex with Emil, his profession of deeper feelings puts her on the defensive.


A 30-year-old woman, feeling obligated to wear a brave face, delivers her grim breast cancer prognosis to her mother over a simple phone call.


A teenage girl takes a step toward adulthood in contemporary Cairo.


An explosive portrait of the lives of artisans and their families in the lead up to the festival of San Juan de Dios, when blazing revelry engulfs the town of Tultepec, Mexico, famous for its pyrotechnics industry.

The Christmas Gift

A few days after Ceausescu's bloody repression in Timisoara, a father’s quiet evening turns to panic as he finds out that his son has mailed a letter to Santa that includes something for him -- his wish to see Ceausescu dead.

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