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    The Box

    Directed by Lorenzo Vigas
    USA/Mexico | 92 minutes | U.S. Premiere/unconfirmed | Cine Latino

While retrieving his father’s remains, teenager Hatzín latches onto a violent labor recruiter whom he believes to be his real father, and becomes his right-hand man in this absorbing thriller.

In competition for the Ibero-American Award.

film synopsis

Bearing a moral and emotional responsibility far beyond his 13 years, Hatzín arrives alone in the Chihuahuan Desert to collect his father’s remains, which have been recently exhumed from a mass grave. But when the teen catches sight of labor recruiter Mario from a bus window, he realizes that he is his real father, sending the youth on a dogged pursuit of the older man who reluctantly takes him under his wing. With an ad hoc family and a job as Mario’s right-hand man, Hatzín soon becomes part of an exploitative economy that preys on the working class. As Hatzín comes to understand the dark, violent truth about Mario and his taste for corruption, he must weigh the cost of his humanity against turning out like his mentor.

film details

Director: Lorenzo Vigas
Producers: Lorenzo Vigas, Michel Franco, Jorge Hernández Aldana
Screenwriter: Lorenzo Vigas, Paula Markovitch
Cinematographers: Sergio Armstrong G.
Editor: Isabela Monteiro de Castro, Pablo Barbieri
Cast: Elián Gonzalez, Hernán Mendoza, Hatzín Navarrete
Original Language Title: La Caja
Country: USA/Mexico
Language: In Spanish with English subtitles.
Year: 2021
Running Time: 92 minutes
Premiere Status: U.S. Premiere/unconfirmed
Director Filmography: From Afar (2016)
Awards: Leoncino d'Oro Agiscuola Award - Cinema for UNICEF, Venice Film Festival
Primary Company: ICM
Website: https://www.the-match-factory.com/catalogue/films/box.html

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