• Social Animals

Pleasant company can be difficult to come by in these fun stories of quarreling flatmates, irksome exes, and off-putting neighbors.

Short Films

À la mode

In a kingdom tormented by fashion crazes, a queen and her court must always keep up with the new trend or an abominable monster will consume them. The arrival of a disarmingly natural cowboy makes them question everything.

In competition for Best Animated Short.

Dirt Devil 550 XS

A conversation about the purchase of a new vacuum cleaner between roommates unexpectedly turns into a poetic and humourous exploration of their group dynamic, their daily lives together and democracy.

In competition for Best Live-Action Short Over 15 Minutes.

Marvin's Never Had Coffee Before

Marvin Wexler has his first cup of coffee ever and desperately wants to talk to someone about it.

In competition for Best Comedy Short.

Millennial Prince

A manatee named Jade shares a romantic spaghetti dinner with her boyfriend Cheshire who is distracted by Tinder notifications. In the middle of the night, Cheshire sneaks out to meet with a match. After a blue fox reveals Cheshire's infidelity, Jade's animal friends attempt to protect her heart.

In competition for Best Comedy Short and Best U.S. Short.

No More Parties

While struggling to move forward in life, Rose attends her friend’s karaoke party where she will have to face the consequences of her stubbornness.

In competition for Young Cineastes Award.

Solution for Sadness

A mysterious package offers a woman a temporary reprieve from her meloncholy, only its results are more permament than she realizes.

In competition for Best Student International Short and Best Comedy Short.

We're Not Animals

Since their break up, Igor's ex has become an Instagram celebrity, actively talking about the female orgasm. Convinced that it is a ploy to prevent him from meeting someone new, he tries to find the courage to confront her.

In competition for Best Comedy Short.

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