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    Our Mine

    Directed by Shayna Strype
    USA | 10 minutes | Parables, Fantasies & Fables

In this eco-feminist tragicomedy, a female body is utilized as the set and characters. Our Mine is the story of a mine collapse from the perspective of the mountain and explores the futile human urge to see ourselves as above nature rather than intrinsically part of it.

In competition for Best U.S. Short.


Parables, Fantasies & Fables

Step into the ether and lose yourself in this selection of imaginative, unearthly shorts.

Sunday, June 27 1:00 PM PT

film details

Director: Shayna Strype
Producers: Heather Henson, Sam Koji Hale, Jessica Simon, Alex U. Griffin
Screenwriter: Shayna Strype
Cinematographers: Dane Manary | Animator: Shayna Strype
Editor: Shayna Strype
Music: Grace McLean
Cast: Shayna Strype
Country: USA
Language: in English
Year: 2021
Running Time: 10 minutes
Primary Company: Ibex Puppetry
Contact Email: shaynastrype@gmail.com
Website: https://www.shaynastrype.com/


2021 ShortFest