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    Directed by Caroline Cherrier
    France | 10 minutes |

Guillaume murders Horacio “because he was shouting too loud.” At his trial, the vacuity of the motive is disconcerting. During his 10-year sentence, he gradually forgets this story, which had convinced no one. When he gets out, someone starts shouting again…

In competition for Best of the Festival Award and Best Animated Short.

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Director: Caroline Cherrier
Producers: Edwina Liard, Nidia Santiago, Luc Tharin, David Braun
Screenwriter: Caroline Cherrier
Cinematographers: | Animators: Eva Lusbaronian, Valentin Stoll, Caroline Cherrier
Editor: Stéphanie Sicard, Caroline Cherrier
Cast: Spider Zed, Patricia Marmoras, Nicolas Mossard, Sylvie Brucker, Hugo de Faucompret, Tristan Lepagney
Country: France
Language: in French with English subtitles
Year: 2020
Running Time: 10 minutes
Awards: Best Student Animation, Mecal Pro; Best Original Music, Festival National du Film d’animation; Best 2D Film & Best Story, Animation Studio Festival
Primary Company: Varicoloured
Contact Email: info@varicoloured.eu
Website: https://varicoloured.eu/portfolio/horacio_d/

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