• Trump Bites: “I Alone Can Fix It!”

    Directed by Bill Plympton, Billy Shebar, David C. Roberts
    USA | 1 minutes | AD 2019

One episode in a series of short animated fantasies based on actual Trump audio clips, hand-drawn by Academy Award nominee Bill Plympton.


AD 2019

Instagram, Brexit, selfie-sticks, swatting, gluten-free diets: terms that didn’t exist a few short years ago now undeniably influence our lives. Ranging from parody to deadly serious, this program examines the ups and downs of technology, politics and how we do and don’t understand each other in this particular moment in time.

film details

Country: USA
Year: 2018
Running Time: 1 minutes
Director: Bill Plympton, Billy Shebar, David C. Roberts
Producers: Billy Shebar, David C. Roberts
Primary Company: 110th Street Films
Editor: Alenka Krizenecky
Website: https://trumpbites.com/

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