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A deep dive into the state of our country at present. Take a glimpse into the lives of these Americans...

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The Clinic

Amid a devastating opioid epidemic, a needle exchange and free clinic operates in the shadows of Fresno, CA.


In an overwhelmingly white classroom, an isolated and black middle school student struggles with the pressure of being the only black voice during an uncomfortable in-class reading activity.

Last Sermon at George's Creek

A pastor in small-town Texas marks his final days at George's Creek Baptist Church, closing with no new generation in place to inherit the humble place of worship.


After learning from her son that Baltimore had its most violent year on record, one woman works to organize citywide ceasefires that change the way residents think about violence in their communities.

Small Talk

A handful of inmates weather the slow passage of time with candid reflections on drug addiction.

Take Care

A 19-year-old Mexican American valet driver tries to help his undocumented mother get proper medical care after she suffers a fall on the job.

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Running Time: 98 minutes

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