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    The Day Don Died

    Directed by Steve J. Adams, Sean Horlor
    Canada | 13 minutes | The Best Years of Our Lives

When a condo community learns of a neighbor's death, the dramatic retelling of his disappearance and demise takes on a life of its own, with each version of the story sounding stranger than the last.


The Best Years of Our Lives

A spotlight on the stories that celebrate and explore the later stages in life, we follow people as they build new relationships, rediscover who they are, look back on the lives they’ve lived and enjoy the ones they are living.

film details

Country: Canada
Year: 2018
Running Time: 13 minutes
Director: Steve J. Adams, Sean Horlor
Producers: Steve J Adams, Sean Horlor, Ana Carrizales
Principal Cast: Don Stewart, Judy Ginn Walchuk, Jane Clayton, Pia Shandel, Lia Renee Clark
Primary Company: Nootka St.
Primary Email: sean@nootkastreet.co
Cinematographers: Gregory Czaplak
Editor: Gregory Czaplak
Music: Mark Dolmont
Screenwriter: Steve J Adams, Sean Horlor

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