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    Directed by Dominique Gimberg
    Netherlands | 17 minutes |

Best friends Emma and Julia spend their summer on a campsite. When a group of older boys arrives, Emma gets a front row seat to Julia's playful exploration of her sexuality while she is confronted to her own confounding feelings.

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Director: Dominique Gimberg
Producers: Jesse van den Broek
Screenwriter: Denise Rebergen
Cinematographers: Sigi van 't Schip
Editor: Dominique Gimberg
Music: Tess van der Velde
Cast: Eefje Paddenburg, Bente Fokkens, Sahil Amar Aïssa, Aäron Roggeman, Armand Rosbak
Original Language Title: Vlam
Country: Netherlands
Language: in Dutch/English/French with English subtitles
Year: 2018
Running Time: 17 minutes
Primary Company: 1994

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