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    Manila Is Full of Men Named Boy

    Directed by Andrew Stephen Lee
    USA/Philippines | 21 minutes |

Manila, July 7, 2009. As Michael Jackson's televised funeral plays throughout the country despite terrorist attacks in the south, an estranged son, to impress his father, purchases a child who can drink and smoke.

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Director: Andrew Stephen Lee
Producers: Caleb Negassa, Valerie Castillo-Martinez, Mica Coburn, Carlo Francisco Manatad
Screenwriter: Andrew Stephen Lee, Neda Jebelli, and Emre Gulcan
Cinematographers: Andrew Christen Crighton
Editor: Andrew Stephen Lee
Music: Zeke Khaseli
Cast: Jon Norman Schneider, Rafael Roco Jr., Reynald Raissel Santos
Country: USA/Philippines
Language: in Tagalog/English with English subtitles
Year: 2018
Running Time: 21 minutes
Awards: Honorable Mention of the Jury, Landshuter Kurzfilm Festival; Golden Horseman Short Fiction Film - International Competition, FilmFest Dresden International Short Film Festival; Best Short Film, Cinema One Originals Festival
Primary Company: Hetch Hetchy
Website: https://www.facebook.com/mnbfilm

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