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    Directed by Alessandra Lacorazza
    USA | 11 minutes | World Premiere |

Carolina is a young Latinx immigrant woman who lives with her mother and is her sole caretaker as she suffers from incapacitating depression. As Carolina deals with intense forces from outside and within, she’s driven to a shocking action that could lead to her freedom, but at a great cost.

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Director: Alessandra Lacorazza
Producers: Justine LaViolette
Screenwriter: Alessandra Lacorazza, Katelyn Mackenzie
Cinematographers: Sean Hanley
Editor: Alessandra Lacorazza
Cast: Carmen Borla, Maga Uzo
Country: USA
Language: in English/Spanish with English subtitles
Year: 2019
Running Time: 11 minutes
Premiere Status: World Premiere
Primary Company: Meerkat Media

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