• Getting It On

    97 minutes |

A selection of films about love, sex and everything in between. This one’s got a little steam.

Short Films


When a young woman realizes her sexual needs have grown beyond her relationship with her boyfriend, she begins to wander. A chance encounter allows her to take control of her fantasies.


The relationship between two young men in Beijing becomes strained after one of them develops an unusual fetish.


For a middle-aged woman, staying the night at a friend's house becomes a sex-fueled mess of confusion and complication when her friend's teenage son stays up for a late night chat.

Straight Up

Marcel wants to teach his girlfriend yoga, but instead she wrestles him to bed and challenges him to accept something new about himself.


In an outwardly unremarkable gay sauna, Adrien discovers a unique environment of intimacy, hope and melancholy.

Things That Happen in the Bathroom

For Jak, the bathroom is a refuge, a place where they can exist without wearing the mask they present to the world. But when their feelings of loneliness threaten to overwhelm them, Jak invites a new hookup into this sanctuary – opening up to all the pleasure, embarrassment and self-discovery that comes with queer intimacy.


Mayssa is looking for a sexual release to cure her recent depression but luck – and her mother – are not on her side.

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Running Time: 97 minutes

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