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    Eva Sola

    Directed by Lara Rodríguez Cruz
    Germany/Spain | 20 minutes | International Premiere | Home Is Where the Heart Is

A young Spanish woman living in Germany reflects on her uprooted life over the course of a frenetic New Year's Eve.


Home Is Where the Heart Is

For many of us, home is so much more than where we physically reside. It is our heritage, our memories, our loved ones.

June 20, 2019 5:00 PM Camelot Theatres (PS Cultural Center) Tickets not available
Tickets not available

film details

Country: Germany/Spain
Year: 2019
Running Time: 20 minutes
Premiere Status: International Premiere
Language: in Spanish/English/German with English subtitles
Subtitles: Yes
Director: Lara Rodríguez Cruz
Producers: Miguel Müller-Frank, Sergi Estébanez
Principal Cast: Anna Gramma, Ana Valeria González, Paloma Lirola, Maria Bla, Urko Gutiérrez
Primary Company: Kinopatio
Cinematographers: Jule Katinka Cramer
Editor: Arturo Peña, Lara Rodríguez Cruz
Music: Nicolas Epe, Melange, Molly Nilsson
Screenwriter: Lara Rodríguez Cruz

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