• Ashmina

    Directed by Dekel Berenson
    United Kingdom/Nepal | 16 minutes | Same Planet, Different Worlds

Ashmina, a young Nepalese girl, works packaging the chutes of paragliding foreign tourists after they land. A larger than usual tip leads her to question fundamental aspects of her life.


Same Planet, Different Worlds

In the melting pot of the modern world we brush up against real and imagined divides every day. These stories exist along those boundary lines, challenging us to see the humanity on both sides.

film details

Country: United Kingdom/Nepal
Year: 2018
Running Time: 16 minutes
Language: in English/Nepali with English subtitles
Subtitles: Yes
Awards: Best Live-Action Narrative Short, Feminist Border Arts Film Festival
Director: Dekel Berenson
Producers: Dekel Berenson, Dominic Davey, Merlin Merton
Principal Cast: Dikshy Karki, Fabian Gleeson, Sadhana Bhandari, Prakat Pegeni
Primary Company: Salaud Morisset
Primary Email: festival@salaudmorisset.com
Cinematographers: Vasco Viana
Editor: Ricardo Mesquita, Dekel Berenson
Screenwriter: Dekel Berenson
Website: https://www.ashminafilm.com/

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