• About Bintou

    Directed by Dezhou Li
    United Kingdom/China | 13 minutes | Around the World

A young Malian student in Guangzhou reflects on the challenges of living abroad as an African, Muslim woman.


Around the World

From the Peruvian highlands to the streets of Guangzhou, these nonfiction shorts highlight the unique experiences and motivations of a diverse selection of people from all over the world.

film details

Country: United Kingdom/China
Year: 2019
Running Time: 13 minutes
Language: in French/Mandarin/Bambara/English/Arabic with English subtitles
Subtitles: Yes
Awards: Best Short Documentary Film, California Women’s Film Festival
Director: Dezhou Li
Producers: Yingqing Gong
Primary Email: dezhou.li@lfs.org.uk
Cinematographers: Piero Cioffi
Editor: Dezhou Li

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