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2013 Palm Springs International ShortFest & Film Market


Representatives from CAA, Echo Lake Entertainment, Fox, ICM Partners, Nickelodeon, Night and Day Pictures, Preferred Content, Sundance Film Festival, TNT, Tribeca Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival and many others

Palm Springs, CA (June 19, 2013) – The Palm Springs International ShortFest is best known for its award-winning film shorts, but each year the Festival also welcomes a long guest list of filmmakers and industry attendees.  Prominent industry figures from CAA, Echo Lake Entertainment, Fox, ICM Partners, Nickelodeon, Night and Day Pictures, Preferred Content, Sundance Film Festival, TNT, Tribeca Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, and other organizationswill participate in three days of ShortFest Forums and Events covering a wide range of emerging trends and new practices in the global film community. The Festival will take place June 18-24, 2013. 

 “A key mission of ShortFest has always been to bring together filmmakers participating in the event with key industry executives and creative leaders who can offer the kind of information and real-world guidance that will affect the career path of these gifted young talents in singular and constructive ways,” said Festival Director Darryl Macdonald.  “The educative and networking opportunities available to filmmakers through our Forum programs and Roundtable sessions fulfill that mission in concrete, tangible ways.”

"Building on the success of our Forum panels and signature Roundtable series, we have seen a sharp increase in not only the filmmakers attending but in the number of new and returning industry making the trek to Palm Springs as well,” said Kathleen McInnis, ShortFest Film Curator/Director of Industry Programming.  “Our mission to identify, develop and empower filmmaking talent strikes a chord with those successful in the industry who want to give back--leading to dynamic, rich and vital exchanges at a very immediate level. This year, we’ve also seen an increase in film students using the ShortFest Forums as an adjunct to their film studies, making the casual, summer camp atmosphere of ShortFest into an extraordinary Filmmakers retreat."

The schedule for this year’s ShortFest Forums include:

Friday, June 21Mythbusters: Is Content King?

We’ve all heard that content is king, but what exactly does that mean?  This year’s program in our ongoing series, “Mythbuster,” tackles the concept of content in filmmaking.

11:00 a.m.               Taking Your Content to Market: Industry experts weigh in on distribution platforms, alternative exhibition, and multiple platform cross-media monetization models. If all this makes your head spin, think of it this way: in one hand, you have original content you created and own. In the other hand, you are looking for money, audience and attention. Now, how do we tip the balance in your favor? And who tips best?

Expected panelists: Sharon Badal (Tribeca Film Festival), Scott Dwyer (KQED – Imagemakers/Film School Shorts), Michael Falter (Pickford Cinemas/Sundance Arthouse Convergence), Ted Hope (San Francisco International Film Festival Society), Chris Horton (Sundance Artists Services), Jonathan Marlow (Fandor), Derry O’Brien (Network Ireland Television).

1:00 p.m.                 Creating Content for the Marketplace - Top tier creative executives discuss the role content plays in the health and welfare of successful (i.e. sold, produced, released) entertainment content for both television and cinema. We want to know how content is creatively managed and massaged; what expectations need to be established for content to be “exhibition-ready”; how content moves across the landscape from creatively-interesting to audience-ready. And we want to know where those content creators are found in the first place.

Expected panelists: Kevin Iwashina (Preferred Content, Managing Partner), Anna Kokourina (Fox International Productions, VP of Production), David Poynter (TNT, Director Current Programming), Michael Roiff (Night and Day Pictures), James Stephenson (Nickelodeon Group, Senior VP, Content Development, Digital Media).

3:00  p.m.                Writer’s Master Class – Perfect Pitch - An all-star lineup of the busiest working writers and story executives in Hollywood today will share their thoughts, expertise and insights on the fine art of the PITCH. Once you’ve heard what they have to say, it will be your turn to pitch them and get their insider feedback. A great way to practice the very skill set you’ll be using every day for the rest of your professional life!

Expected panelists: Brian Banks (Nickelodeon), Alexi Hawley (The Following), Katherine Lindberg (Tomorrow), Tommy O’Haver (Billy’s Hollywood Screen Kiss), Rob Ramsey (Intolerable Cruelty).

Saturday, June 22 Gatekeepers and Tastemakers

Today’s conversations all spotlight those whose choices and commentary can change fates, fortunes and the course of one’s career. Filmmakers are well served to understand what motivates these folks, as well as to hear in their own words advice on pitfalls to avoid, relationships to make, and how to get them watching your film instead of someone else’s. 

9:30 a.m.                 Meet the Programmers
Expected panelists: Sharon Badal (Tribeca Film Festival), Beth Barrett (Seattle International Film Festival), Jeffrey Bowers (Hamptons International Film Festival), Andrew Crane (American Cinematheque), Claudette Godfrey (SXSW Film Festival), Laura Good (Toronto International Film Festival), Grainne Humphreys (Jameson Dublin International Film Festival), Bronwyn Kidd (FlickerFest Film Festival, Australia), Mike Plante (Sundance Film Festival), Paul Sloop (Cleveland International Film Festival), Kim Yutani (Sundance Film Festival /Outfest Film Festival).

11:30 a.m.               Meet the Press
Expected panelists: John Anderson (New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Newsday, Variety), Dana Harris (IndieWire), John Horn (Los Angeles Times), Gregg Kilday (The Hollywood Reporter), Steve Pond (The Wrap), Pat Saperstein (Variety), Katherine Tulich (Hollywood Foreign Press Association, Australia, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post).

1:00 p.m.                
Lawyers, Guns (Managers) and Money (Agents)
Expected panelists: Stephen Breimer (Bloom, Hergott, Diemer law firm, Partner), Matt Galsor (Greenberg Glusker’s Entertainment Group, Entertainment Attorney), Troy Nankin (Wishlab, Manager), Nick Ogiony (CAA, Film Finance Agent), Peter Trinh (ICM Partners, International and Independent Film Agent), Graciella Sanchez (Echo Lake Entertainment, Manager).

Sunday, June 23 – ShortFest Indsutry/Filmmaker Brunch

Once again the Festival will host their signature Industry Roundtables: a unique blind-dating formula which pairs industry professionals with festival filmmakers for networking, relationship building and developing a collaborative support system.

Those scheduled to participate include: Scillia Andreen (IndieFlix), Sharon Badal (Tribeca Film Festival), Brian Banks (Nickelodeon), Beth Barrett (Seattle International Film Festival), Robert Bella (DreamWorks SKG, Post Production Supervisor), Jeffery Bowers (Hampton International Film Festival), Kimberely Browning (Hollywood Shorts), Andrew Crane (American Cinematheque), Scott Dwyer (KQED), Michael Falter (Pickford Cinemas), Jim Gibbons (Stampede Studios), Claudette Godfrey (SXSW), Laura Good (Toronto International Film Festival), Alexi Hawley (The Following), Grainne Humphreys (Jameson Dublin International Film Festival), Kevin Iwashina (Preferred Content), Bronwyn Kidd (FlickerFest Film Festival), Jon Kinnally (Will & Grace, Ugly Betty), Lisa Landi (KQED), Amy Lillard (Washington Filmworks), Katherine Lindberg (Tomorrow), Jonathan Marlow (Fandor), Linda Olszewski (Shorts International), Nick Ogiony (CAA), Bill Orr (Stampede Post), Mike Plante (Sundance Film Festival), Tracy Poust (Will & Grace, Ugly Betty), Matthew Puckett (Fader 5 Music, SVP Music Producer), Rob Ramsey (Intolerable Cruelty), Michael Roiff (Night and Day Pictures), and Kim Yutani (Sundance Film Festival/Outfest).

Panel only tickets are available to the public for $11 each, Master Class tickets are $12. All ShortFest Forum programs are presented free to accredited filmmakers participating in ShortFest and its concurrent Short Film Market. Tickets can be purchased by calling (760) 322-2930 or visiting

About Palm Springs International ShortFest
Designated by AMPAS as an award-qualifying festival, and accredited by the International Short Film Conference, the Palm Springs International ShortFest and its Short Film Market are the largest and most prominent short film showcase in North America.  The Festival and its concurrent 3,000-film Market continue to serve as a scouting ground for new filmmaking talent and are well attended by those in the business of buying and selling short films.

The Palm Springs International ShortFest is supported by an ever-growing number of new and longtime sponsors with local, national and international prominence. The Title Sponsor is the City of Palm Springs with Presenting Sponsors The Desert Sun and Spencer’s.  Major Sponsors include, Panavision, Stampede Post Productions, The University of Redlands, New Wave Entertainment, KQED San Francisco and The Australian Consulate General in Los Angeles.  The official host hotel and media center is the Renaissance Palm Springs.  More information is available online at or by calling (800) 898-7256.

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