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Guests listed in the Jan.13 The Desert Sun to appear at the screenings of We Can Do That at 9:00 am at the Annenberg Theatre and The Drummer at 12:00 pm at the Annenberg Theatre will not be appearing. Please note that guest appearances are subject to change.

Among the Clouds (Jan.13) -- Rouhollah Hejazi, Director
The Blue Tooth Virgin (Jan.13) -- Russell Brown, Director
Four Nights with Anna (Jan.13) – Jerzy Skolimowski, Director & Ewa Piaskowska, Screenwriter
Kanchivaram (Jan.13) – Priyadarshan, Director & Prakash Raj, Actor
Machan (Jan.13) -- Uberto Pasolini, Director
Marcello Marcello (Jan.13) -- Anne Walser, Producer
Ploning (Jan.13) -- Dante Nico Garcia, Director & Judy Ann Santos, Actor
Prodigal Sons (Jan.13) -- Kimberly Reed, Director
Small Crime (Jan.13) – Christos Georgiou, Director
This Dust of Words (Jan.13) -- Bill Rose, Director
Unspoken (Jan.13) -- Fien Troch, Director
Who Does She Think She Is? (Jan.13) -- Pamela Boll, Director

Captain Abu Raed (Jan.13-14) -- Amin Matalqa, Director
Walt & El Grupo (Jan.13-14) -- Theodore Thomas, Director & Kuniko Okubo, Producer
Stone of Destiny (Jan.13 & 15) -- Charles Smith, Director

Blue Gold: World Water Wars (Jan.14) – Sam Bozzo, Director
No Subtitles Necessary: Laszlo & Vilmos (Jan.14) -- James Chressanthis, Director & Kian Soleimanpour, Producer
Ready? OK! (Jan.14) -- James Vasquez, Director & Mark Holmes, Producer

Be Like Others (Jan.14-15) -- Tanaz Eshaghian, Director
Cat City (Jan.14-15) -- Brent Huff, Director & Patrick Stack, Producer
Forgotten Transports: To Estonia (Jan.14-15) – Lukas Pribyl, Director
Herb and Dorothy (Jan.14-15) -- Megumi Sasaki, Director
The Sorrow of Mrs. Schneider (Jan.14-15) -- Eno Milkani, Director
Tear This Heart Out (Jan.14-15) -- Roberto Sneider, Director

Ciao Bella (Jan.14 & 16) -- Mani Maserrat-Aghat, Director
An Unlikely Weapon (Jan.14 & 16) -- Susan Morgan Cooper, Director

Giving It Up (Jan.15) -- Frank Ruy, Director
for my wife... (Jan.15-16) -- David Rothmiller, Director
The Great Buck Howard (Jan.15-16) -- Sean McGinly, Director
In Your Absence (Jan.15-16) – Francisco Alfonsin, Actor
Jerusalema (Jan.15-16) -- Ralph Ziman, Director
Václav (Jan.15-16) -- Jiri Vejdelek, Director & Jaroslav Boucek, Producer & Jan Budar, Actor

Creative Nature (Jan.15 & 17) -- John Andres, Director
Living in Emergency: Stories of Doctors Without Borders (Jan.15 & 17) -- Mark Hopkins, Director
ShowGirls, Provincetown, MA (Jan.15 & 17) -- C.Fitz, Director & Ryan Landry, Actor & Debra A. Schneider, Producer
Zrubavel (Jan.15 & 17) -- Shmuel Beru, Director
Flowers of the Sky (Jan.15 & 18) Nimmi Harasgama, Actor & Sreekar Prasad, Producer

Dark and Stormy Night (Jan.16-17) -- Larry Blamire, Director & Jennifer Blaire, Actor
Pedro (Jan.16-17) -- Nick Oceano, Director
The Rest is Silence (Jan.16-17) -- Nae Caranfil, Director
Trip to Asia: The Quest for Harmony (Jan.16-17) -- Thomas Grube, Director
Valentino: The Last Emperor (Jan.16-17) -- Matt Tyrnauer, Director
Woman's Hearts (Jan.16-17) -- Davide Sordella, Director

Adopt a Sailor (Jan.16 & 18) -- Charles Evered, Director
Baghdad, Texas (Jan.16 & 18) -- Booka Michel, Producer & Edythe Michel, Executive Producer
The Green Dumpster Mystery (Jan.16 & 18) -- Tal Haim Yoffe, Director
The Little Traitor (Jan.16 & 18) -- Lynn Roth, Director
Ocean (Jan.16 & 18) -- Mikhail Kosyrev-Nesterov, Director

Love One Another (Jan.17) -- Milos Stehlik, Presenter
The Seven Days (Jan.17) -- Hana Azoulay-Hasfari, Actor

Blessed Is the Match: The Life and Death of Hannah Senesh (Jan.17-18) -- Roberta Grossman, Director
The Garden (Jan.17-18) -- Scott Hamilton Kennedy, Director
Mumbai Meri Jaan (Jan.17-18) -- Nishikant Kamat, Director
Route 30 (Jan.17-18) – Ed Gotwalt & Kevin Rahm, Actors & John Putch, Director

The Burning Plain (Jan.18) -- Guillermo Arriaga, Director
My Marlon and Brando (Jan.18) -- Huseyin Karabey, Director

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