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Pssst, hey you! Come closer. Have you heard about Secret Screenings? No? Of
course not, because they’re a secret! Every year we host screenings of some of
the industry’s most thrilling, electrifying and super top-secret films around. We
wish we could tell you what we are showing because we are just so excited we
could shout it from the rooftops! But alas, our lips are sealed.
Mind: yours must be too.

That’s right, there is no press, no media, no Facebook, no texting or Twitter allowed
in, around or even near Secret Screenings. Not before, not during, and
not afterwards either!

Don’t miss your opportunity to be part of the in-crowd and get your tickets
now, before they sell out.

Sorry, NO PASSES can be used for admission – pass holders must pick up a free
ticket for these screenings at the Festival Ticket and Information Center at the
Regal Courtyard in advance. Absolutely no industry or media pass holders will
be admitted.

Secret Screening (2014)   

Secret Screening (2014)
90 min.

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