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We've scoured the world's film vaults for pictures that prove our theory that classic films never dim — they only gain luster. We are thrilled to present these slices of cinema history in the format in which they were meant to be seen — beautiful 35mm!

The Jester   

The Jester
Poland, 1937, 90 min.
Set in a Galician shtetl before World War II, this famous Yiddish-language musical comedy is rich with itinerant performers and star-crossed lovers. Shown in a beautiful tinted and toned newly restored print.... more

Love One Another   

Love One Another
Germany, 1922, 96 min.
A young Jewish woman moves to St. Petersburg, falls in love with a revolutionary, flees the police and returns to her village just as a pogrom breaks out in this grand protest against anti-Semitism in Czarist Russia.... more

Midnight Cowboy   

Midnight Cowboy
USA, 1969, 113 min.
The first and only X-rated movie ever to win an Oscar for best picture and director, Midnight Cowboy became a box office phenomenon upon its release in 1969, and broke major new cultural ground at the same time.... more

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