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Super Charged Cinema

This late-night series will hold particular appeal for adventurous filmgoers, featuring four films that run the gamut from the edgy to the downright outrageous, with an emphasis on high-octane entertainment. The four films that our programmers have chosen for this year’s showcase include sterling examples of the action, dark comedy, horror and thriller genres.

If you’re ready for a hit of adrenaline, Supercharged Cinema is just the ticket! The showcase hits the screen each Friday and Saturday night at 11:00 pm at the Palm Canyon Theatre.

End of the Line   

End of the Line
Canada, 2006, 95 min.
Maurice Devereaux’s offers a new twist on a classic horror tale as a group of subway riders find themselves trapped in the underground by knife-wielding religious fanatics.... more

Free Jimmy   

Free Jimmy
Norway, 2006, 80 min.
Woody Harrelson, Samantha Morton, Kyle MacLachlan and Jim Broadbent lend their voices to his outrageous Norwegian animated adventure in which a drug-addicted elephant escapes from the circus, only to be chased down by circus employees, sober animal activists, big-game hunters and the mafia.... more

The Host   

The Host
South Korea, 2006, 119 min.
Described by the New York Film Festival as “the decade’s best monster movie,” this slick and effective thriller about a creature rampaging Seoul and the dysfunctional family in pursuit of it has become a worldwide hit. Beneath the film’s scare-fest is a sharp and ironic critique of misdirected emerg... more


United Kingdom, 2006, 90 min.
In this hilarious horror film, a British sales team who have traveled to the wilds of Hungary for an off-site team building excursion, find that their executive skills provide little defense against the blood-thirsty locals out to massacre them.... more

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