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This year we honor the excellence of yesteryear with the Archival Treasures section of the Festival. Two special presentations rediscover our international cinematic heritage: the Czech classic Marketa Lazarova (1966) and The Damned Don’t Cry (1950). Since it isn’t available on DVD or video, make sure you plan to add this special screening of Marketa Lazarova to your schedule. The Damned Don’t Cry is also a ‘must-see’ for Festival - goers, as it holds special interest to the community, since it was filmed in Palm Springs over a half decade ago. Film Noir expert Eddie Muller will present it.

The Damned Don’t Cry   

The Damned Don’t Cry
USA, 1950, 103 min.
This fantastic film noir fable, a thinly veiled version of the rags-to-riches story of gangsters’ moll Virginia Hill, is perhaps an even truer depiction of the real Joan Crawford than Mommie Dearest! And a chance to see 1950s Palm Springs! Czar of noir Eddie Muller will host this special arch... more

Marketa Lazarova   

Marketa Lazarova
Czech Republic, 1966, 152 min.
Something of a holy grail for cinephiles, this visually stunning moral drama isn’t available on tape or DVD. Named best Czech film of all time, it follows the doomed love affair between Mikolas and Marketa, who belong to rival, warring clans.... more

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