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Four select, acclaimed new will be presented with special guests in attendance.


Argentina, 1969, 91 min.
John Waters' latest project is a new series for television called "John Waters presents Films That Will Corrupt You." In Fuego he's struck gold! Argentinian auteur Armando Bo has crafted a film so sublimely outrageous it rivals anything in Waters' oeuvre! John Waters will be on hand to introd... more

My Bollywood Bride   

My Bollywood Bride
USA, 2006, 90 min.
Alex fell in love with the girl next door. Trouble is, 'next door' is India and 'the girl' is Bollywood's biggest film star. "My Bollywood Bride" tells the story of Alex, a Venice Beach copy writer that dreams of being a novelist who meets and romances Indian beauty, Reena, while she is on a vacat... more

Off Screen   

Off Screen
Netherlands, 2005, 87 min.
This haunting, intelligent thriller brings together two of Benelux's best actors and offers a parable about living in a time of anxiety. On March 11, 2002, a disturbed 59-year-old bus driver took hostages in Amsterdam's Rembrandt Tower. What inspired his actions? Best Film and Best Actor, Montreal W... more

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