The House With The Laughing Windows

The House With The Laughing Windows  {La Casa Dalle Finestre Che Ridono}
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Saturday, January 07, 12:30 PM
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The House With The Laughing Windows
La Casa Dalle Finestre Che Ridono
Italy, 1976, 111 Minute Running Time
Topics: Drama, Thriller
Programs: Focus Italy, Tribute to Pupi Avati
Language: Italian

Director Avati took a step into thriller territory in this early work. A gothic chiller, it revolves around the restoration of a painting depicting the martyrdom of Saint Sebastian. The art historian discovers evidence that the painter may have been involved in satanic rites and human sacrifice.

DIRECTOR: Pupi Avati
Producer: Antonio Avati
Editor: Giuseppe Baghdighian
Screenwriter: Antonio Avati, Gianni Costanzo, Maurizio Costanzo, Pupi Avati
Cinematographer: Pasquale Rachini
Principal Cast: Lino Capolicchio, Francesca Marciano, Gianni Cavina
Print Source: CinecittĂ  Holding

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