Distant Journey

Distant Journey  {Daleká cesta}
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Sunday, January 15, 11:00 AM
Palm Springs High School
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Distant Journey
Daleká cesta
Czechoslovakia, 1949, 99 Minute Running Time
Topics: Drama, Jewish Interest, Political
Program: Archival Treasures
Language: Czech

Over the years, the stature of this unaccountably neglected masterpiece has grown. It is one of the few films that succeed in making the horror and inexplicable reality of the concentration camp universe come alive by blending documentary with intentionally intensified, non-realist film techniques derived from expressionist and surrealist traditions.

DIRECTOR: Alfred Radok
Producer: Václav Rezác, Miloslav Fabera, Bohumil Smida
Editor: Jirina Lukesova
Screenwriter: Erik Kolár, Mojmir Drvota, Alfred Radok
Cinematographer: Josef Strecha
Music: Jirí Sternwald
Principal Cast: Blanka Waleská, Otomar Krejca, Viktor Ocásek, Zdenka Baldová, Jirí Spirit, Eduard Kohout
Filmography: Vintage Car (1957), The Magic Hat (1952)

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