The Wayward Cloud

The Wayward Cloud  {Tian bian yi duo yun}
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Saturday, January 07, 6:30 PM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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Wednesday, January 11, 1:30 PM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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The Wayward Cloud
Tian bian yi duo yun
Taiwan, 2005, 113 Minute Running Time
Additional Countries: France/China
Topics: Comedy, Erotic, Slapstick
Program: Awards Buzz: Best Foreign Language Film
Language: Mandarin

Taiwanese bad boy Tsai Ming-liang has come up with one of his most provocative films yet, a naughty, transgressive and thoroughly non-traditional drama-with musical numbers! Taipei is in the throes of a serious drought. Against this backdrop Tsai's favourite collaborator Lee Kang-sheng tries to get by as a porn actor.

DIRECTOR: Tsai Ming-liang
Producer: Bruno Pesery
Editor: Chen Sheng-chang
Screenwriter: Tsai Ming-liang
Cinematographer: Liao Pen-jung
Principal Cast: Lee Kang-sheng, Chen Shiang-chyi, Lu Yi-ching, Yang Kuei-mei, Sumomo Yozakura
Filmography: Good Bye Dragon Inn (2003), What Time Is It There? (2001), The Hole (1998), Vive l'amour (1994), Rebels of the Neon God (1992)
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