Open Up To Me

Open Up To Me  {Kerron sinulle kaiken}
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Friday, January 10, 5:30 PM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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Saturday, January 11, 4:30 PM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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Open Up To Me
Kerron sinulle kaiken
Finland, 2013, 95 Minute Running Time
Additional Countries: Sweden
North American Premiere
Topics: Drama, Romance
Program: World Cinema Now
Language: Finnish English Sub-Titles

Maarit is a beautiful, intelligent and sexy woman – who used to be a man. Struck by the oddity of gender change, she is estranged from the daughter she fathered and her former life. When she meets and falls in love with Sami (Peter Franzén, whose directing debut Above Dark Waters also screens in PSIFF this year), a soccer coach, teacher and family man, she finally feels like she can fit in somewhere. But Sami is soon put to the test. In a world that considers Maarit a freak, Sami is forced to confront his own hidden prejudices.

“Most people view themselves as being tolerant. It is only in close encounters with people different from us that our true colors shine through. In this way Open Up to Me is an utterly human, fine-tuned test of tolerance… Simo Halinen, who both wrote and directed the film, shows great understanding towards human beings. Precise storytelling and excellent acting top off the intense whole.”
- Nordic Council Film Prize nomination statement

Filmmaker(s) attending: Director

DIRECTOR: Simo Halinen
Producer: Liisa Penttilä, Madeleine Ekman
Editor: Jussi Rautaniemi
Screenwriter: Simo Halinen
Cinematographer: Henri Blomberg
Music: Jarmo Saari
Principal Cast: Leea Klemola, Peter Franzén, Ria Kataja, Emmi Nivala, Alex Anton
Filmography: Cyclomania (2001)
Print Source: Corinth Films

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