Days and Nights

Days and Nights
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Saturday, January 04, 7:00 PM
Annenberg Auditorium
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Sunday, January 05, 4:00 PM
Annenberg Auditorium
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Saturday, January 11, 10:00 AM
Palm Canyon Theatre
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Days and Nights
USA, 2013, 92 Minute Running Time
World Premiere
Topic: Drama
Program: World Cinema Now

Anton Chekhov’s The Seagull has seen numerous iterations over the decades, but actor/director Christian Camargo (The Hurt Locker) is able to honor the darkness and depth of this Russian tragedy while relocating it to a Memorial Day weekend in rural New England and putting his own contemporary spin on the material.

With a haunting score, lovely cinematography, and strong performances from a remarkable ensemble cast, we see a family come together then fracture apart over the course of one disastrous weekend. William Hurt plays Herb, an ailing estate owner and the rock of the family.

He is surrounded by the folks who keep him and the estate running; his doctor (played by a subdued Jean Reno); his groundskeeper Johan (Michael Nyqvist, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo); Johan’s daughter Alex (Katie Holmes) and his housekeeper Mary (Cherry Jones, Signs).

When Herb’s sister, an aging actress (played by the always superb Allison Janney), comes to visit, it sends her son (Ben Whishaw, Cloud Atlas) into a tailspin, proving how delicate love and family can be.

Filmmaker(s) attending: Director, Cinematographer, Producer, Actor, Producer's Assisant

DIRECTOR: Christian Camargo
Producer: Barbara Romer, Juliet Rylance
Editor: Ron Dulin, Sarah Flack
Cinematographer: Steve Cosens
Music: Claire van Kampen
Principal Cast: Katie Holmes, William Hurt, Jean Reno, Allison Janney, Ben Whishaw, Michael Nyqvist, Cherry Jones, Mark Rylance, Christian Camargo, Russell Means, Juliet Rylance
Filmography: Debut Feature

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