Unforgiven  {Yurusarezarumono}
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World Cinema Now
Friday, January 03, 4:00 PM
Annenberg Auditorium
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Sunday, January 05, 10:00 AM
Palm Springs High School
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Japan, 2013, 135 Minute Running Time
Topic: Drama
Program: World Cinema Now
Language: Japanese English Sub-Titles

There is a long and distinguished tradition of cross-fertilization between the Japanese samurai film and the western. Kurosawa’s "Seven Samurai" became "The Magnificent Seven", while "Yojimbo" was an unofficial remake of "A Fistful of Dollars". Now Sang-il Lee has transplanted Clint Eastwood’s 1992 Oscar®-winner to the island of Hikkoaido in the 1880s, a period when the Japanese government was opening it up to non-Ainu natives for the first time.

"Last Samurai" and "Letters from Iwo Jima" star Ken Watanabe takes the Eastwood role as Jubei, a former samurai with a fierce reputation who now lives in desolate isolation with his children. Despite having vowed to renounce violence, times are hard, and when a former comrade comes to him with news of a bounty large enough to secure his family’s future he is compelled to pick up his sword once more.

“Impressively choreographed... Stunningly shot and never less than entertaining.”
- Jay Weissberg, Variety

DIRECTOR: Sang-il Lee
Producer: Suguru Kubota, Shinichi Takahashi
Editor: Tsuyoshi Imai
Screenwriter: David Webb Peoples, Lee Sang-il
Cinematographer: Norimichi Kasamatsu
Music: Tarô Iwashiro
Principal Cast: Ken Watanabe, Kôlchi Satô, Akira Emoto, Yuya Yagira, Jun Kunimura
Filmography: Villain (2010)
Hula Girls (2006)
Scrap Heaven (2005)
69 (2004)
Border Line (2002)
Print Source: Warner Entertainment Japan, Inc.

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