The Wonders

The Wonders  {Pla’ot}
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Monday, January 06, 8:00 PM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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Tuesday, January 07, 11:00 AM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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The Wonders
Israel, 2013, 112 Minute Running Time
Topics: Animation, Buddy Picture, Jewish Interest
Program: Modern Masters
Language: Hebrew English Sub-Titles

A genial slacker, a private investigator and a femme fatale join forces to rescue a kidnapped holy man in this unpredictable genre mashup. On one level, it’s a stylish and amusing riff on Chinatown by way of Alice In Wonderland. But on another, it provides ripped-from-the-headlines commentary on the messianic cults that misuse the millions of shekels finagled from their followers.

Starting as an urban noir, the character-driven plot pivots on the missing Rabbi Knafo, whose followers believe he’s a modern-day prophet with a direct line to God. When Knafo suddenly turns up in an abandoned Jerusalem apartment, the captive of some sinister ultra-Orthodox thugs, menacing private detective Jacob Gittes monitors his plight. Gittes is working on behalf of Knafo’s sister-in-law, Ella Gorsky, a gorgeous redhead with some secrets of her own. But when Gittes requests the assistance of the laid-back graffiti artist who lives in a messy flat across from where Knafo is being held, complications and misunderstandings ensue.

“A moving, original and complex look at both the light and darkness at the heart of Jerusalem.”
- Hannah Brown, The Jerusalem Post

DIRECTOR: Avi Nesher
Producer: Leon Edery, Moshe Edery, Avi Nesher, David Silber, Henry Pitchazde
Editor: Isaac Sehayek
Screenwriter: Avi Nesher, Shaanan Streett
Cinematographer: Michel Abramowicz
Music: Avner Dorman
Principal Cast: Ori Hizkiah, Efrat Gosh, Adir Miller, Yehuda Levi, Yuval Scharf
Filmography: The Matchmaker (2010)
The Secrets (2007)
Turn Left at the End of the World(2004)
Raw Nerve (2000)
Ritual (2001)
Rage and Glory (1984)
Dizengoff 99 (1979)
The Troupe (1978)
Print Source: Israeli Films

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