Slow Food Story

Slow Food Story
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Monday, January 06, 4:00 PM
Palm Canyon Theatre
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Friday, January 10, 4:00 PM
Palm Canyon Theatre
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Sunday, January 12, 1:00 PM
Palm Canyon Theatre
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Slow Food Story
Italy, 2013, 73 Minute Running Time
Additional Countries: Ireland
Topics: Documentary, Environment
Program: True Stories
Language: Italian English Sub-Titles

When McDonald’s had the temerity to plunk down a franchise in the heart of Rome back in 1986, political activist Carlo Petrini leapt into action. What better way to combat the fast-food giant than with its opposite? And so began the rise of an association (and its attendant philosophy) that now boasts chapters in more then 150 countries: the Slow Food movement.

What separated Petrini from his fellow travelers in the activist/environmental community – something that accounts, at least partially, for the movement’s popularity - was his emphasis on pleasure. Not for him the false opposition between eco-conscious behavior and gastronomic pursuits. One could indeed have one’s GMO-free cake and eat it too…

All this and more is deftly captured in Stefano Sardo’s freewheeling portrait of the man and his movement, a chronicle that follows Petrini – whose name has been put forward as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize – and like-minded friends and colleagues from their humble activist beginnings to the vaunted proselytizers they have now become.

DIRECTOR: Stefano Sardo
Producer: Francesca Cima, Nicola Giuliano, Carlotta Carlori, Ines Vasiljevic
Editor: Stefano Cravero
Screenwriter: Stefano Sardo
Cinematographer: Giovanni Giommi
Music: Valerio Vigliar
Filmography: Debut Feature
Print Source: Autlook filmsales

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