Gaming Instinct

Gaming Instinct  {Spieltrieb}
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Saturday, January 04, 12:00 PM
Palm Springs High School
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Tuesday, January 07, 4:30 PM
Camelot Theatres
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Thursday, January 09, 6:30 PM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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Gaming Instinct
Germany, 2013, 104 Minute Running Time
US Premiere
Topics: Coming of Age, Teen, Thriller
Program: World Cinema Now
Language: German English Sub-Titles

Ada and Alev aren’t ordinary teenagers. She’s the dark-haired, introspective outcast at a prep school her family can’t afford, and he’s the nihilistic, Nietzsche-quoting dandy whose globe-trotting multicultural family has left him without roots. Helplessly drawn to Alev’s iconoclastic cool, Ada indulges him in an elaborate scheme to take down one of the school’s teachers. But as the vulnerable, lovelorn Ada is drawn deeper and deeper into Alev’s sordid game, we can never be certain who exactly is playing whom.

Sharply photographed by cinematographer Andreas Berger (who also shot director Gregor Schnitzler’s kinetic What to Do in Case of Fire) and flush with a dangerous sexuality, the briskly paced Gaming Instinct could pass for a perfectly fine psycho-sexual dramatic thriller. But what takes the film to another level are the challenging philosophical theories that drive Alev (Jannik Schümann) and the sensitive, nuanced lead performance by Michelle Barthel, an award-winning young television actress with a bright future in film.

Filmmaker(s) attending: Director

DIRECTOR: Gregor Schnitzler
Producer: Markus Zimmer
Editor: Georg Söring
Screenwriter: Kathrin Richter, Jürgen Schlazenhof
Cinematographer: Andreas Berger
Music: Gerd Baumann
Principal Cast: Michelle Barthel, Jannik Schümann, Maximilian Brückner, Richy Müller, Ulrike Folkerts, Sophie von Kessel
Filmography: Resturlaub (2011)
The Cloud (2006)
Solo Album (2003)
What to Do in Case of Fire? (2001)
Finnlandia (2001)
Print Source: Global Screen

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