Of Horses and Men

Of Horses and Men  {Hross i oss}
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Wednesday, January 08, 7:00 PM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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Thursday, January 09, 1:30 PM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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Saturday, January 11, 5:00 PM
Camelot Theatres
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Of Horses and Men
Hross i oss
Iceland, 2013, 80 Minute Running Time
US Premiere
Topics: Black Comedy, Cult
Program: Awards Buzz : Best Foreign Language Film
Language: Icelandic English Sub-Titles

Awards: Nominated: Kutxa – New Director Award

This very dry, very Icelandic comedy is a country romance about the human streak in the horse and the horse in the human. Love and death become interlaced with immense consequences. Through several interlinked short episodes we follow the inhabitants of an isolated hamlet.

Director Erlingsson says: “This is not a straightforward story. I hope that the English title, Of Horses and Men, gives the right point of view. The word that is missing, ‘stories’, is the key. And of course it must be said that here in the north, women are also men. It is important to state that no horses were hurt in the making of this film. The entire cast and crew are horse owners and horse lovers… I must admit, however, that there were some human actors that were traumatized during the shooting of the film, but I happen to know that they were still alive when this was written.”

Winner: New Director’s Award, San Sebastian Film Festival; Best Director, Tokyo Film Festival

Filmmaker(s) attending: Director

DIRECTOR: Benedikt Erlingsson
Producer: Fridrik Thór Fridriksson, Christoph Thoke
Editor: David Alexander Corno
Screenwriter: Benedikt Erlingsson
Cinematographer: Bergsteinn Björgúlfsson
Music: David Thor Jonsson
Principal Cast: Ingvar E. Sigurdsson, Steinn Armann Magnusson, Helgi Björnsson, Charlotte Bøving, Atli Rafn Sigurdarson, Halldora Geirhardsdottir, Kjartan Ragnarsson
Filmography: Debut Feature
Print Source: Icelandic Film Centre

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