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Sunday, January 05, 10:30 AM
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Sweden, 2013, 97 Minute Running Time
US Premiere
Topics: Black Comedy, Drama, Woman Director
Program: World Cinema Now
Language: Swedish English Sub-Titles

In times of crisis, who hasn’t wanted to be someone else? Cathartic oddball drama Hotell trades on this universal sentiment with a guilty pleasure tale of a therapy group that starts its own unique course of treatment. Whipping up a sympathetic brew of humor, compassion, awkwardness and devastation, Lisa Langseth draws intense and committed performances from a fine cast that that includes Alicia Vikander ("A Royal Affair", PSIFF 2012).

Young, affluent and expecting her first child, type-A interior designer Erika thinks she has everything under control. But fate has something different in store and Erika just can’t cope. Unable to confront her own pain, she tries group therapy, where she distracts herself by listening to the problems of others. There she meets torture-obsessed Rikard, who has major mommy issues; pathologically timid Ann-Sofi; lonely, middle-aged Pernilla and silent Peter. When the therapy group leader goes on vacation, the members decide to explore the notion of making a fresh start by going somewhere no one knows them — namely, the well-appointed confines of anonymous hotels.

DIRECTOR: Lisa Langseth
Producer: Patrik Andersson, Frida Jonason, Jessica Ask, Mikkel Jersin
Editor: Elin Pröjts
Screenwriter: Lisa Langseth
Cinematographer: Simon Pramsten
Music: Johan Berthling, Andreas Söderström
Principal Cast: Alicia Vikander, David Dencik, Simon J. Berger, Anna Bjelkerud, Mira Eklund, Henrik Norlén
Filmography: Pure (2009)
Print Source: MK2

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