Still Life

Still Life
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Friday, January 10, 1:30 PM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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Saturday, January 11, 5:30 PM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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Still Life
United Kingdom, 2013, 87 Minute Running Time
Topics: Comedy, Drama
Program: World Cinema Now
Language: English

Awards: Venice: Horizons, best director

A poignant, quixotic tale about love, life and the afterlife, this enormously affecting deadpan drama is a stark reminder that sometimes the best we can hope for in life is having someone care when it ends. Here that someone is meticulous south London council worker John May (Mike Leigh favorite Eddie Marsan). It’s his job is to find the next of kin for someone who passes away alone.

Only when all leads have been checked and all doors shut will he close the case and organize the funeral himself. He takes pride in choosing appropriate music and writing special eulogies so that his dead clients can rest in dignity . When budget cuts hit his department, John gets word that he will be made redundant. In the meantime, as he works more assiduously than ever on what will be his final case, it takes him on a liberating journey that allows him to start living his life fully at last.

Winner: Best Director, Horizons section, Venice Film Festival; Best Film, FIPRESCI Award, Reykjavik Film Festival

Filmmaker(s) attending: Director

DIRECTOR: Uberto Pasolini
Producer: Christopher Simon, Felix Vossen, Uberto Pasolini, Ceri Hughes
Editor: Gavin Buckley, Tracy Granger
Screenwriter: Uberto Pasolini
Cinematographer: Stefano Falivene
Music: Rachel Portman
Principal Cast: Eddie Marsan, Joanne Froggatt, Karen Drury, Andrew Buchan, Neil D’Souza, David Shaw Parker
Filmography: Machan (2008)
Print Source: Beta Cinema GmbH

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