Breakfast at Enrique's

Breakfast at Enrique's  {Desayuno con diadema}

Breakfast at Enrique's
Desayuno con diadema
Spain, 2012, 18 Minute Running Time
Topics: Latino, Romance
Language: Spanish English Sub-Titles

A lonely middle-aged man prepares a nice breakfast for his one-night stand the morning after their dalliance in hopes of making a deeper connection. However, his date has secrets of her own in this portrait of the unlikely ways that romance can pop up in our lives.

DIRECTOR: Óscar Bernàcer
Producer: Jordi Llorca, Joana M. Ortuela
Editor: Óscar Bernàcer
Screenwriter: Óscar Bernàcer
Cinematographer: Nacho Ramiréz
Music: Iván Capillas
Principal Cast: Carlos Blanco, Rosario Pardo

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