Next Door Letters

Next Door Letters

Next Door Letters
Sweden, 2012, 14 Minute Running Time
Topic: Animation

Awards: OUTTV Audience Award

Lilja and Sandra decide to play a prank on Melitta. They send her a love letter signed with a boy’s name. When Lilja receives a letter in return, she begins a secret correspondence. But what started off as a practical joke now turns into a crucial turning point for the two young girls.

DIRECTOR: Sascha Fülscher
Producer: Sascha Fülscher
Editor: Sascha Fülscher
Screenwriter: Vanja Alexandersson
Cinematographer: Sascha Fülscher
Music: Christine Hals
Principal Cast: Olivia Malmqvist, Shahin Rezayi, Sara Jaffar, Eva Fülscher, Mårten Cinthio

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