King Curling

King Curling  {Kong Curling}
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Saturday, January 05, 4:00 PM
Palm Springs High School
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Sunday, January 06, 12:00 PM
Palm Springs High School
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Monday, January 07, 7:00 PM
Palm Springs High School
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King Curling
Kong Curling
Norway, 2011, 75 Minute Running Time
Topics: Comedy, Sports
Program: Nordic Light
Language: Norwegian English Sub-Titles

When asked why he loved curling so much, a Canadian friend deadpanned, “It’s the only sport where you can keep your beer cold just by putting it down.” The country’s different but the underlying sense of the absurd is the same in Norwegian Ole Endresen’s hilarious debut, a comedy about sweeping and throwing rocks that knowingly turns the tropes of the “sports comeback” movie on their collective heads. Some critics have even mentioned The Big Lebowski and the films of Wes Anderson as points of comparison…

A decade ago, Truls Paulson (Atle Antonsen, perfect as a charming slob) ruled the ice as Norway’s most obsessive curling champion – so obsessive, in fact that his finicky ways led to institutionalization. After release, he begins a life of quiet desperation, enduring the imprecations of a bossy wife by losing himself in mundane TV. Until, that is, a friend in need calls him back to the rink. Will anything – his marriage, his sanity, his professional pride – survive this risky return? Director Endresen and actor Antonsen answer this question in high comic style.

DIRECTOR: Ole Endresen
Producer: Hakon Overas
Editor: Per-Erik Eriksen
Screenwriter: Ole Endresen, Atle Antonsen
Cinematographer: Askild Edvardsen
Music: Stein Johan Grieg Halvorsen, Eyvind Andreas Skeie
Principal Cast: Atle Antonsen, Linn Skaber, Ane Dahl Torp, Kare Conradi, Jon Oigarden, Steinar Sagen, Harald Eia, Bard Tufte Johansen
Filmography: Debut Feature
Print Source: Films Boutique -

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