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Saturday, January 05, 9:30 AM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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Monday, January 07, 2:30 PM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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France, 2012, 95 Minute Running Time
North American Premiere
Topics: Crime, Romance
Program: World Cinema Now
Language: French English Sub-Titles

Awards: Winner: Label Europa Cinemas, Venice Film Festival

Martin is a young man living with his ailing father in a bleak, provincial town in Brittany, as blighted by economic downturn as it is by the dreary weather. Life seems grim until he falls for Gwen. A mysterious young woman who dreams of becoming a professional swimmer, she brings a new sense of purpose to his life. Serving as a counterpoint to Martin and Gwen’s romance is the story of Corinne, Martin’s older sister, and her husband Jean. When both couples find themselves in a predicament, they must turn to each other for support and, later, perhaps even for an alibi.

First-time filmmaker Herve Lasgouttes brings nuance, empathy and hope to a story about flawed but sympathetic individuals who behave as they do not because they are evil, but because they are victims of their circumstances, their harsh environment and their own emotional limitations. Lasgouttes draws the viewer into the world of his characters and resists the urge to moralize. Highly atmospheric and beautifully paced, Crawl is an affecting, human story that establishes Lasgouttes as a strong and compassionate new voice in cinema.

Winner: Europa Cinemas Label, Best European Film, Venice Film Festival.

DIRECTOR: Herve Lasgouttes
Producer: Antonin Dedet, Stéphanie Douet
Editor: Laurence Bawedin
Screenwriter: Loïc Delafoulhouze, Hervé Lasgouttes
Cinematographer: Emmanuelle Le Fur
Music: Raphaël Ibanez de Garayo
Principal Cast: Swann Arlaud, Anne Marivin, Nina Meurisse, Gilles Cohen
Filmography: Debut Feature
Print Source: Premium Films -

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