Soongava: Dance of the Orchids

Soongava: Dance of the Orchids
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Thursday, January 10, 10:30 AM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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Saturday, January 12, 5:30 PM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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Soongava: Dance of the Orchids
Nepal, 2012, 85 Minute Running Time
Additional Countries: France
US Premiere
Topics: Asian, Dance/Music, Gay/Lesbian
Program: World Cinema Now
Language: Nepali English Sub-Titles

Beautiful Diya is a young girl who dreams of becoming a professional Nepalese dancer, encouraged by her best girlfriend Kiran. Meanwhile Diya’s parents have found a good match for her and arranged her engagement. Diya goes along with the arrangement to please her family and do what is expected of her, but when her feelings for Kiran deepen and develop into a full-blown love affair, she has to make a choice. Flying in the face of tradition and local morals in a society deeply rooted in family values, Diya breaks off with her fiancé, risking everything to live with Kiran in Kathmandu.

This is the first Nepalese film on same sex relationships, a rarely talked about subject in Nepal. In 2007 the Supreme Court ruled that the government must create a new law to protect LGBT rights, but still many gays and lesbians live with the fear of being ostracized and worse.

DIRECTOR: Subarna Thapa
Producer: Virginie Lacombe, Raphael Berdugo, Subara Thapa
Editor: Sylvie Gadmer
Screenwriter: Subarna Thapa
Cinematographer: Sara Cornu
Music: Sylvain Morizet
Principal Cast: Deeya Maskey, Nisha Adhikari, Saugat Malla, Bashundara Bhusal, Nirmal Nisar
Filmography: Debut Feature
Print Source: Cité Films -

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