No Place on Earth

No Place on Earth
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Friday, January 04, 10:00 AM
Palm Canyon Theatre
Standby tickets at the door (as available) Call 760-778-8979 for more info.

Sunday, January 06, 1:00 PM
Palm Springs Regal 9
Standby tickets at the door (as available) Call 760-778-8979 for more info.

No Place on Earth
USA, 2012, 83 Minute Running Time
Additional Countries: United Kingdom, Germany
Topics: Documentary, History, Jewish Interest, War
Program: True Stories
Language: English

Awards: Winner: Audience Award, Hamptons Film Festival

“Maybe some Jews lived down there.” These six words led caver Christopher Nicola to dig a little deeper into a story unknown to all except those who lived through it. The words were uttered by a villager in western Ukraine and the “down there” referred to Priest’s Grotto, one of the longest caves in the world. Nicola, an inquisitive New Yorker and amateur caver, had stumbled upon a little known Holocaust survival story.

Based on remarkable interviews with survivors and the diary of a woman named Esther Stermer, Janet Tobias’s fascinating documentary explores the amazing journey from darkness to light, from fear to freedom, of the 38 Jews who escaped the clutches of the Nazis by living for 511 days deep inside Ukrainian caves.

“A substantial contribution to Holocaust cinema, No Place on Earth defies the notion that the era has been exhausted of its stories, or the ways they can be told … a genuine hybrid of historical drama and dramatic reality… gripping and moving…” John Anderson, Variety

Winner: Audience Award, Hamptons Film Festival

DIRECTOR: Janet Tobias
Producer: Janet Tobias, Rafael Marmor, Paul Laikin, Nadav Schirman, Susan Barnett
Editor: Claus Wehlisch, Alexander Berner, Deirdre Slevin
Screenwriter: Paul Laikin, Janet Tobias
Cinematographer: Sean Kirby, Edu Grau, Peter Simonite, César Charlone
Music: John Piscitello
Principal Cast: Saul Stermer, Sam Stermer, Sonia Dodyk, Sima Dodyk, Chris Nicola
Filmography: Debut Feature
Print Source: Magnolia Pictures -

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