Mumbai’s King

Mumbai’s King  {Mumbai Cha Raja}
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Sunday, January 06, 7:30 PM
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Mumbai’s King
Mumbai Cha Raja
India, 2012, 78 Minute Running Time
US Premiere
Topics: Asian, Buddy Picture, Coming of Age
Program: New Voices/New Visions
Language: Hindi English Sub-Titles

Set during the lavish and colorful Ganesh Festival when huge idols of the elephant god are taken in procession to the beach for immersion, Mumbai King tells the story of Rahul, a misunderstood and mischievous adolescent. He lives in the slums bordering the wealthy areas of North Mumbai with an abusive, alcoholic father, a hard-working mother and a younger brother, Babu, and he spends his time with his streetwise friend Arbaaz, a balloon seller. These two kids escape the harsh realities of their lives by pulling pranks, roasting stolen potatoes, and chasing girls.When Rahul’s alcoholic father beats him up for trying to protect his mother, Rahul runs away from home and roams the rain-soaked streets, plotting to take his revenge.

Based on the director’s childhood memories, and shot in a neo-realist, documentary style, this never degenerates into Slumdog Millionaire-type fantasy. Singh cast the children for their real life emotional experiences, showing that even though their living conditions may look grim to others, they find joy in trivial things and live life to the fullest.

DIRECTOR: Manjeet Singh
Producer: Manjeet Singh
Editor: Tinni Mitra
Screenwriter: Manjeet Singh
Cinematographer: Siddharth Kay
Music: Mathias Duplessy
Principal Cast: Rahul Bairagi, Arbaaz Khan, Tejas Parvatkar, Dhanshree Jain, Aftab Khan, Salman Khan
Filmography: Debut Feature
Print Source: All Rights Entertainment -

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