Ginger & Rosa

Ginger & Rosa
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Sunday, January 06, 7:30 PM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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Thursday, January 10, 10:00 AM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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Ginger & Rosa
United Kingdom, 2012, 89 Minute Running Time
Topics: Coming of Age, Political, Woman Director
Program: Modern Masters
Language: English English Sub-Titles

Best friends forever, Ginger (Elle Fanning) and Rosa (Alice Englert) are inseparable, or so they imagine. Their mothers are close friends too, even though these are definitely not women they embrace as role models - the feisty, independent-minded Ginger, especially, is contemptuous of the domestic drudgery that her mum (Christina Hendricks) has chosen for herself, much preferring the cavalier intellectual stylings of her bohemian-minded dad (Alessandro Nivola).

Seventeen in 1962, the girls flirt with the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (Ginger always the more serious of the two) and begin to wonder what the much-talked-about sexual revolution might hold for them. But their first stabs at asserting themselves prove more painful than either of them could have imagined- testing the boundaries of their friendship.

Turning her lens on her own generation, Orlando writer-director Sally Potter looks back on the roots of feminism with admiration for the idealism of her young heroine, and also a keen eye for the naïveté of that age and that time. Annette Bening, Oliver Platt and Timothy Spall all have substantial roles, but the film’s unmistakable star is Elle Fanning, remarkable in her most adult role to date.

DIRECTOR: Sally Potter
Producer: Christopher Sheppard, Andrew Litvin
Editor: Anders Refn
Screenwriter: Sally Potter
Cinematographer: Robbie Ryan
Principal Cast: Elle Fanning, Alice Englert, Alessandro Nivola, Christina Hendricks, Annette Bening, Timothy Spall, Oliver Platt, Jodhi May
Filmography: Rage (2009), Yes (2004), The Man Who Cried (2000), The Tango Lesson (1997), Orlando (1992), The Gold Diggers (1983)
Print Source: A24 -

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