As You Were

As You Were

As You Were
Denmark, 2012, 24 Minute Running Time
Topics: Drama, Family Friendly, War
Language: Danish

Awards: Aspen FF Award Youth Jury Prize

Lars, about to redeploy to Afghanistan, tries to have an afternoon coffee and cake with his widowed father. But battle lines are drawn the moment he parks his car in the driveway and his father refuses to let him in if he is in his uniform. What should be a few reflective moments between father and son quickly becomes an all out war.

DIRECTOR: Rene Frelle Petersen
Producer: Rene Frelle Petersen
Editor: Rene Frelle Petersen
Screenwriter: Rene Frelle Petersen
Cinematographer: Brian Curt Petersen
Music: Jørgen Lauritsen
Principal Cast: Alexandre Willaume,Mogens Pedersen

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