Norway, 2012, 16 Minute Running Time
Additional Countries: Spain
Topics: Coming of Age, Drama
Language: Norwegian

When a young girl’s dog retrieves a chest holding an hourglass on the beach, she tells her best friend Anton that it’s a magic hourglass that can grant a wish. What nobody has told either of these kids is to be careful what you wish for…

DIRECTOR: Pedro Collantes
Editor: Pedro Collantes
Screenwriter: Pedro Collantes
Cinematographer: Oystein Moe
Music: Alejandro Romero Godínez
Principal Cast: Hakon Ovesen Waaden,Henriette Hellandsjo
US Distributor: Mailuki Films

This film is playing as a part of...

The Key to Happiness   

The Key to Happiness
84 min.
The protagonists at the heart of each story in this selection of shorts are in search of a key that will open the door to their fondest wish coming true, but as the old adage goes: be careful what you wish for!... more

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