Disconnexion  {Desconexion}

Bolivia, 2011, 20 Minute Running Time
North American Premiere
Topic: Thriller
Language: Spanish

A man rushes to comply with the urgent instructions he receives on his cell phone from an unseen caller, promising to call him back as soon as he has the information from home the caller needs, but once there, his intentions take a u-turn as he finds he’s forgotten the one thing he needs to comply with the caller’s request.

DIRECTOR: Yecid Benavides
Producer: Yecid Benavides, Yecid Benvides Sr.
Editor: Yecid Benavides, Johanan Benavides
Cinematographer: Johanan Benavides
Music: Alvaro Eguino
Principal Cast: Antonio Peredo,Rodrigo Reyes,Oliver Beiro,Enrique Corrales

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